Kilbourn Council #9

Photos from Kilbourn Council No. 9 R&SM 3016 A.Dep. Table Council and Reconsecration

The Companions of Kilbourn Council No. 9 Royal and Select Masters of Wisconsin celebrated a Table Council on October 26, 3016 A.Dep, 2016 A.D., followed by a reconsecration ceremony to all degrees of Masonry, but more particularly to the Cryptic degrees.

The Trowel in the Cryptic Rite

The trowel is an important emblem in the Cryptic Rite as it was used by our ancient Brethren to seal up the arches leading to the secret vault that secured the invaluable treasures of Freemasonry through the impending calamity. So, therefore, I find it fitting that we, as Royal and Select Masters, ought to be first and foremost in using our metaphorical trowels for their purpose as given in the Master Mason Degree and seal up the cracks that form in relationships between brethren and companions, especially those that form between Masonic bodies.

Whatever our creed, we feel that no good deed can by any possibility go unrewarded, no evil deed unpunished. -- Orison Swett Marden