Lake Lodge #189

Masonic Service for Br. Wendell Sprong

The role of the workmen has been called, and Brother Wendell Sprong answers not.......

Brother Wendell has passed at 102 year of age. The family has requested a Masonic Service on Wednesday, March 15th, at noon. Brother Dave Schreier will conduct the service. Brother Wendell was a 76 year member of our Lodge and served as Worshipful Master in 1960.

Your attendance, if possible, would be appreciated.

Bro. Dave Schreier, PM

Masters Board 1/12

The Worshipful Master has called a Masters Board on January 12, 6017 A.L. at 6 PM at Lake Masonic Center to hear the report of the investigating committee.  Any Master Mason of Lake Lodge #189 is welcome to attend.

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