Photos from Kilbourn Council No. 9 R&SM 3016 A.Dep. Table Council and Reconsecration

The Companions of Kilbourn Council No. 9 Royal and Select Masters of Wisconsin celebrated a Table Council on October 26, 3016 A.Dep, 2016 A.D., followed by a reconsecration ceremony to all degrees of Masonry, but more particularly to the Cryptic degrees.

Our friends are the people whom we choose, usually friends are the same sort of people as ourselves. My neighbor is the man whom I do not choose; he is the man whom God gives me. He is the man who happens to live in the house next to mine; he is the man who happens to sit opposite to me on the train; he is the clerk who works at the desk next to mine. I have no right to say that he is no concern of mine, because, if I am a Christian, I know that he is the man whom God has given to me. -Stephen C. Neill