Excelsior Tool Grant Program

The Tool Grant Program was started by Excelsior Lodge #175 in 1999. The first year was a pilot program for electricians. It has now grown to award the outstanding apprentices in 27 trades in the greater Milwaukee area.

The program is now sponsored by Lake Lodge #189 through it's Excelsior Lodge Tool Grant Committee and The Skilled Trades Joint Apprenticeship Tool Grant Program. The grants are based on the grantee's first year as an apprentice as judged by their apprenticeship committee. This committee looks at attendance, punctualiy in school and job and the overall progress as a first year apprentice.

The Tool Grant program is in transition. The normal awards night will not be held in 2013.




With our only certain reward being a good conscience, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth together leading those whom have not yet become Free Masons but are truly Masons at heart. -WRF