Treasurer's Jewel

The Treasurer for the 6017 Masonic Year is Worshipful Brother Mike Clinnin, Past Master of Lake Lodge #189.


The role of the Treasurer is to keep the accounts, collect annual dues from the members, pay bills, and forward annual dues to the Grand Lodge. The annual presentation of accounts is an important measure of the lodge's continuing viability, whilst the efficient collection of annual subscriptions is vitally important, as any lapse in payment (deliberate or unintentional) can lead to a member losing voting rights, being denied the opportunity to visit other lodges, and finally even being debarred or excluded from his own lodge. It is common for the Treasurer to be an experienced Past Master, but this is not required.

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"In 1861 a Pennsylvania minister wrote to Salmon P. Chase, Abraham Lincoln's Treasury Secretary, suggesting a recognition of God on our coins. 'In God We Trust' first appeared on the 1864 copper 2-cent piece when Congress authorized a new denomination with whatever legend Chase deemed appropriate. It was added to the quarter and most larger denominations in 1866 but not on the cent until 1909. In the mid-1950's Congress ordered the motto added to paper money."

The Southern California Research Lodge 'Fraternal Review', May 2004