Senior Steward's Jewel

The Master has not appointed a Senior Steward for the 6017 Masonic Year.

Junior Steward's Jewel

The Master has not appointed a Junior Steward for the 6017 Masonic Year.


Stewards fulfill a number of junior assistant roles. There is considerable variance, even within the same jurisdiction, as to the precise roles played by Stewards. Some of their common duties could include the following: Stewards are often tasked with an understudy role to fill the position of the Senior Deacon or Junior Deacons, in their absence. When a degree ceremony is performed, one or more Steward(s) may be required to assist the two Deacons in conducting the candidates around the temple. Stewards have a traditional role in many jurisdictions of serving wine during any meal served after the lodge meeting. This is often extended to a general supervision and planning of catering and refreshments. Some jurisdictions specify that each lodge has two Stewards, known as the 'Senior Steward' and 'Junior Steward'. Other jurisdictions put no limit on the number of Stewards who may be appointed, and in this respect the office is unique. The Worshipful Master may appoint any number of Stewards, according to the size and requirements of his lodge. These additional stewards are commonly given the title of 'Associate Steward.' Although newer members usually fill the office of Steward, in some lodges it is traditional for a Past Master to be appointed to supervise the work of the Stewards.

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