The officers of Kilbourn Council No. 9 Royal and Select Masters of Wisconsin
Officer Office Phone E-mail
Nathan Butts T.I.M.
Peter J. Misko I.D.M.
William Reid I.P.C.W.
Charles "Mick" Olson, PTIM Treasurer
Joshua Armstrong, PTIM Recorder 414-418-2822
Michael L. Fairbanks, PTIM Chaplain
Jon Falk Captain of the Guard
Jeremy Hilgendorf Conductor of Council
Michael P. Clinnin, PTIM Steward
Bradley E. Bingheim, PTIM Marshal
Lyle Hubbard, PTIM Sentinel
Brian J. Hudy, PMIGM, PTIM Director of the Work

Greetings Companions,

Summer brings degree work to Kilbourn Council, we will be working on performing both degrees. The Royal is scheduled for our meeting in July and the Select at our meeting in August.

Come down and be a pert of your Council, share in the passion for the craft, meet with us for fellowship and fun.

I am alos planning an outing for the Council, a Lakeshore Chinooks game on August 6th, if the Council wants to go. This would be a family event, if you are interested, please sign up with me. I will see about getting a price break but tickets would be $10 per person.

See you in Council,
Nathan Butts, TIM

Council Events

June 28th
Stated Assembly 7:00 pm
July 26th
Stated Assembly
Royal Master Degree
7:00 pm
August 23rd
Stated Assembly
Select Master Degree
7:00 pm
September 27th
Stated Assembly 7:00 pm
September 30th
Lake Masonic Center Grand Assembly

Cryptic Rite

No rite of Freemasonry has come into its own so much as the series of degrees known as the Cryptic Rite, also known as the Cryptic Masons. Its popularity is well deserved for there are no more beautiful or meaningful degrees in all Freemasonry than those conferred in the Council of Cryptic Masons.

One reason for its popularity is that it completes a story, a Masonic allegory. Freemasonry is very philosophical and teaches its ideals by allegory or story. This philosophy is moralistic and religious however Freemasonry is not a religion., nor a substitute for one. A requirement for membership in Freemasonry is a professed belief in God and eternal life. It is mandatory that a man profess a personal faith in a Supreme Being prior to becoming a Freemason. Fremasonry never attempts to alter any one's beliefs. Freemasonry offers no theology or plan of salvation. However, it does offer a moral plan to use in this world. Leaving the Mason to look to his religion for salvation into the next world.

Ancient Cryptic Masonry centers around the story of the preservation, loss and recovery of the Word. The Word represents man's search for life's purpose and the nature of GOD. Symbolic Freemasonry, as in the Lodge, teaches of the loss of the Word and hope for its recovery. Royal Arch Masonry, as in the Chapter, teaches its recovery. Cryptic Masonry, as in the Council, completes this story by teaching of the Word's initial preservation.



(Author Unknown)

Masonry is not a secret society. Everybody knows that the Masonic fraternity exists and no effort is made to hide the fact. It is only the wisdom of Masonry which is hidden, not because it is subtle, but because it is simple. Its secret is profound; not obscure.
In the quiet of the lodge, in an air of reverence and friendship, it teaches us the truth that makes us men, and upon which faith and character must rest.
What is secret in Freemasonry? The method of its teaching, the atmosphere it creates, the spirit in our hearts and the ties it weaves between men. The secret of Masonry, like the secret of life, can only be known by those who seek it. It cannot be uttered, it can only be felt and acted. For that reason no one need be alarmed about any book written to expose Masonry. It is utterly harmless.
The real secrets of Freemasonry cannot be learned by prying eyes or by curious inquiry. The secrets of Masonry can be known only by those who are ready and worthy to receive it. Only a pure heart and honest mind can know it.
If Masonry uses the illusion of secrecy, it is because it knows that it is the nature of man to seek what is hidden. We are seekers after truth and God has so made us that we cannot find the truth alone, but only in the love and service of our fellow man.
Here is the real secret and to learn it is to have the key to the meaning and joy of life.

From The Southern California Research Lodge
August, 2007