Ivanhoe Commandery #24 Knights Templar

Our stated Conclaves are the first Wednesday of the month.

This year we add the second Wednesday to our schedule with the Specials on the third Wednesday. If no candidates are in waiting, we invite any S.K. to attend and work on any ritual or drill/Full Form elements they desire.

What's New

Officer Phone Office E-mail
Shawn Noble 262-930-3884 Eminent Commander shawnnoble@hotmail.com
Mick Olson 414-397-3076 Recorder  
Blair Dixon 414-425-2115 Hospitaler  

Greetings Sir Knights and Ladies,

I want to thank everyone for attending our New Officers First Stated Conclave of the Year. The Sir Knights did a great job and we all have a lot to learn moving forward, including your Commander. I hope you all enjoyed our Ascension Service Dinner as we focused on the importance of our Savior’s ascent to Heaven and had a wonderful opportunity to socialize afterwards.

The Grand Conclave is at the Lake Lodge Masonic Center on Saturday – June 10 with Lunch starting at 11 am. I anticipate all of our Commandery Officers to be in attendance. In addition, the Divine Service, Drill Exhibition, and Brunch will be at the Tripoli Shrine Center on Sunday – June 11 at 9 am. I hope you have been able to get your Reservations in on time and look forward to seeing you all there!

As Summer begins we will be at rest after the Grand Conclave Session until Fall. I hope this gives you all the opportunity spend time with your Family, Friends, and allows you to get that one Project done that you have had on the back burner. We will be holding our Ivanhoe Family Summer Picnic on Saturday – July 15 at Noon with a 1 pm Dinner and I ask for everyone to bring a Dish to be pass.

Courteously Yours,
Shawn P. Noble, Eminent Commander



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