Bethel #6 is holding a raffle this term for a Laptop Computer bundle. Drawing will take place on May 27th. Tickets are 1 for $5.00 or 5 for $20. See any Bethel #6 Daughter or Council member to buy your tickets. Proceeds will go toward Promotional and Educational Activities of Job’s Daughters.

"There is a certain grave beauty in the practice of Masonic etiquette. The Masonic life as it is lived out in our assemblies is a conscious work of art, with each and every part coordinated to every other, and instinct with the feeling of the whole; if a man enters into that system without preparation or forethought, and trusting only his instincts, his manner will strike an awkward note, like a discord jangling across a strain of music; but if he has trained himself in his part and caught the spirit of the whole, the genius of Freemasonry will shine through his actions, will express itself through ritual, symbol, law, philosophy, fellowship and daily deed. To have one's self thus become a part of a great and living whole is a kind of satisfying pleasure nothing else can give, a participation in the very life of beauty, appreciated as much by the beholders as by the actor. This ability to confer pleasure upon one's fellows when gathered in communication or in ceremony is not the least of etiquette's rewards."

W. Henry G. Meacham, Grand Lecturer, Grand Lodge of New York