Masters Board 1/12

The Worshipful Master has called a Masters Board on January 12, 6017 A.L. at 6 PM at Lake Masonic Center to hear the report of the investigating committee.  Any Master Mason of Lake Lodge #189 is welcome to attend.

Photos from Kilbourn Council No. 9 R&SM 3016 A.Dep. Table Council and Reconsecration

The Companions of Kilbourn Council No. 9 Royal and Select Masters of Wisconsin celebrated a Table Council on October 26, 3016 A.Dep, 2016 A.D., followed by a reconsecration ceremony to all degrees of Masonry, but more particularly to the Cryptic degrees.

There are parts of a ship which taken by themselves would sink. The engine would sink. The propeller would sink. But when the parts of a ship are built together, they float. So with the events of my life. Some have been tragic. Some have been happy. But when they are built together, they form a craft that floats and is going places. And I am comforted. -Ralph W. Sockman